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Terraced Garden Design, Ilkley



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Description of project:

This beautiful stone property is located in Ilkley and has been transformed into a formal garden with rill and bespoke sculpture. The new garden is viewed from the 2nd level of the property which is the client's main seating area. When overlooking the grounds a formal pattern appears within the landscape before your eye is lead to the scenic views of the Wharfe Valley.

One of the main challenges has been to remove all the uneven paving materials from the 1970s which was hazardous and unfinished as well as a set of steps which were unsafe to use. The very old rock garden was overgrown and made tending the garden within this area very difficult to maintain indeed.

Our clients loved formal spaces, neat, crisp lines and a sense of tidiness within the space. We therefore designed a formal garden following the existing boundaries lines to extend the garden and provide neat edges for a slick finish.

Three terraces have been created and planted with formal Buxus semperviren 'Cones' and hedging plants which provide a formal appearance and all year round interest. Additional perennial plants have also been introduced to provide seasonal colour and interest.

Yellow flowers have been used quite a lot which has allowed my client to enjoy this primary colour as other shades of the colour wheel are difficult to detect.

The rill has been created to lengthen the space, offering sound and movement within the garden, whilst the pergola seating area has also been created to enjoy and admire the new space from a different angle.

We co-ordinated the whole project from concept to completion engaging landscape specialists from different disciplines and carried out the planting scheme on the client's behalf.