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Harrogate Flower Show, 2011

Description of project:

2011 has been a great year for Gardens by Max winning a Gold Award for her first ever show garden. Max worked with a professional landscaper to build the garden and together our complimentary design, build and planting skills achieved GOLD. Many newspapers photographed our garden, and we were on Calendar News - check out my Press Page.

The theme for the show garden was 'Sustainability' and thus the garden focused on the world's most precious resource: WATER. As designers and landscapers we are ever aware of the need for water to be freely available, we often however give little thought to its value throughout the world. It is only when we are faced with a water shortage or a hose pipe ban that we are reminded of the need to conserve the precious resource we have. Our research and ideas have been centered on the charity 'Water Aid' of which HRH The Prince of Wales is the President.

884 million people in the world do not have access to clean water, here in the UK an average person uses 150 litres per day, most of which goes down the drain!

Through our garden design we highlighted how homeowners can recycle 'grey' water from their homes which are recycled to maintain lush flower beds and vegetable gardens.

The term creating an 'outdoor room' is often talked about in the gardening world; our design turns this phrase around and creates a garden out of a room: specifically the bathroom, where much water is wasted.

The Show Garden expresses innovative and creative ways of creating garden features through use of stunning planting, exceptional construction skills and how the materials have been used.