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Family Garden Design, Meanwood



Size of the garden:


Description of project:

We were required to create a defined entrance to the home. A young Birch tree had been planted too close to the gate and thus people caught themselves when accessing the property. Our clients wanted the new entrance to become the focal point to the home!

"The garden is an absolutely marvellous transformation and a total credit to you. Every time I look out of the kitchen window I am filled with joy!!"

Double Oak gates recessed to ensure a formal welcome have been created. The frame of the gates have enabled client to view oncomers to the garden whilst providing privacy.

Within the garden itself a rotunda seating area has been created which the clients love for entertaining. Two further half circular paved areas have been positioned as clients enter the garden and the home. We have ensure ample space has been provided for children to ride their bikes and a hidden store to the side of the property to tidy up at the end of the day!