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Cottage Garden Design, Cookridge



Size of the garden:


Description of project:

This once lawned garden has become a unique and interesting space to relax, admire or enjoy afternoon tea! The use of small square setts for the patio radiates from the converted garage, across to the house and part way down the garden, thus allowing plenty of space for entertaining.

"We can honestly say that the pleasure we have already gained from our new garden has turned out to be the most worthwhile spend/investment that we could have had."

Movement is provided through the use of curved pathways and raised beds. A circular green lawn provides a complimentary backdrop to the plants within the borders. Garden lighting provides a calming atmosphere and glistens on the water feature as well as shining up through the Sycamore tree in the evenings.

The sound of water provides an interesting melody as is moves from each cup to the slate area beneath. Sculptured Buxus sempervirens 'balls' provide a neatness and formality to the garden whilst the perennial plants offer a softness to this relaxed style