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We know we design and create beautiful gardens but don't just take our word for it - see what our clients have to say.

"I think what you have done with the garden is amazing. I can't stop looking at it. Thank you so much". Fay

I would unreservedly recommend Gardens by Max. From first contact I received nothing but professional advice on everything from ground clearance to fencing and planting options. Maxine takes pride in advising garden layout solutions, and has extensive knowledge of structural and horticultural options to suit any garden type. Gardens by Max has turned by overgrown back yard into a cottage garden haven. I LOVE my garden! Kath Scarr
Your knowledge and enthusiasm for your work is so refreshing to see - it was a pleasure to have our garden designed by Max. Chris Poulter
The final phase of our total house renovation was to be the complete replacement and re-modelling of our rear garden. We decided that the overgrown and neglected lawned garden with pond should be replaced by a paved patio area, with a feature ornamental pond to be relatively maintenance free. It was thanks to Maxine's excellent planning, design, co-ordination and expertise to take on board our broad outline and turn that into a desirable and effective social area, transforming the whole rear of our property. Maxine's expert knowledge in identifying plant, flowers and shrubbery to transform and enhance the area will mean that we have the ideal outdoor space for now and in the future. EVERY visitor, without fail, has commented on how much they like our 'new' space. We absolutely LOVE IT. Well done Maxine... and thanks!
Since writing this testimonial we have now framed our garden design which is on show for all to see. Sally & Gary Holmes
Max is extremely easy to work with. She will take your ideas and work them up into something special and unique. Her creative style and flare will help you choose what is best for you and your garden. Christine and Mark
I met Max unexpectedly 5 years ago at a business meeting on a dark & frosty December morning. I was a visitor to the meeting. Her presentation captured my imagination since I had recently bought an old cottage with a sizeable garden. Not quite the business related contact I had intended making at the meeting - but on a personal level Max looked to be the answer to my prayers for inspiration and assistance with the garden task head of me as Spring drew near!

Max worked closely with me over several weeks to produce a design theme which then resulted in number of alternatives before arriving at the final one. What's great about Max is her flexibility in matching her creative skills and ideas to those of her client, underpinned by her own passion for all things green! Whilst we discussed the design options she has also helped me keep on top of the day to day gardening work with some practical help and expertise.

Max has offered some very sound advice, she is very knowledgeable and I have learnt a lot from her. She is an inspirational designer, extremely enthusiastic and overall great fun to work with. She comes highly recommended!
Alison Flannery
The first we heard of Maxine was when my father in law attended a talk given by her at the Calverley Men's Forum. He was very impressed and it takes a lot to impress him. He was aware that we were looking to have our garden developed and picked up one of her business cards.

Our recent experience with Maxine has been a very enjoyable and exciting journey. Maxine is very enthusiastic and thorough and provides constant feedback of the projects progress throughout.

She first interviews you to gather your wants, needs and preferences and documents the discussion points during the first consultation. She then uses this information to provide a number of garden designs. Separate visits are also made to measure and survey the site to ensure suitable landscaping methods are incorporated.

If any one enjoys their job then Maxine is that person. Her excitement and enthusiasm quickly rubs off on to you. She is very professional and the design options she presented to us were well thought out and practical.

My husband and I are very happy with the designs and would happily recommend Maxine to others considering using a garden designer.

It's now been over a year since the garden was finished and through the spring and summer of 2011. I have enjoyed many weekends out on my hands and knees planting flowers here, a shrub there and a tree in the corner. The pleasure I have had watching the plants grow and establish has been immense. We've since put a bird feeding station in the bottom section in front of the kitchen window and again have enjoyed the various birds that have visited, something we didn't have before. Thank you Maxine the garden is wonderful. Vicki & Graeme
Working as a landscaper, I know the importance of delivering a high standard of service, since I have known Maxine I have found her work to be professional and of a high standard.

More recently I have worked with Maxine on design and build projects. I have found Maxine's designs creative and inspiring, and on a constructive aspect, easy to follow and quote from.

Our continuing professional relationship is strengthened by Maxine's commitment to follow a project from start to finish and deliver a quality end result.

I look forward to working on future projects together and I have no hesitation in recommending you to my prospective clients.
David Massey
Thanks Maxine, we are absolutely thrilled with the transformation of our garden!

The area that was home to the children's swings and slide and that we thought was a small part of the garden, has been transformed to a large part of the garden! When Mike wanted to change this area to a more adult friendly Mediterranean garden, as the children are all grown up now, I was skeptical clinging to the past! However, thankfully Maxine, I am so glad you convinced me it would be a good idea to remove the very large overgrown conifer. It has now revealed how lovely the silver birch tree hangs in our garden.

The seating area is fab, and you have designed a courtyard garden far more attractive than we could have imagined! With large seating area, Indian sandstone patio area, a lovely trellis, that flows through to the rest of garden, and more!

Your ideas/input have been very helpful to us, in creating the garden area we wanted.

It was extremely helpful to us, also that you were able to arrange 2 quotes from landscapers, so we didn't have any concerns about who would complete the work. You have done a great job completing the garden, and it is absolutely fantastic, and even better than our expectations!

The first couple of people to see it, couldn't believe how much larger it looked, and were inspired to do something similar! I still can't believe how attractive and larger that part of the garden is! The great thing for us, is that we wanted that part of the garden to have a Mediterranean feel about it, as it is a suntrap all day long, and that is exactly what we have got!

We would be happy to recommend you and David to anyone who was thinking of redesigning their garden!
Alwoodley, Leeds
Abyss Marketing pride We pride ourselves in high quality creative work and delivering services on time. We have enjoyed working with you to design the gardens of our new home. You provided us with a variety of designs for both front and rear gardens, followed by client brief and provided us with a very pleasing result.

In addition to your service you researched the local history of Bardsey and we are now considering using the old name as our house name. The completed design was well presented and when asked we were unable to fault your service.

We are looking forward to our new house being completed soon and will let you know once the garden begins to be constructed as it will benefit both Di, myself and the kids.

We would not hesitate in recommending your service to anyone and feel free to use the designs you provided as a credible case study.
John and Diane Garside
In the Spring of 2007 we had just about finished the complete renovation of the above property to make it look modern on the inside and smart on the outside. We thought we had done a really good job, until we opened the back door - facing us was a fairly large grassed area some would call a garden. This space had been neglected for years and was completely barren of flowers, an absolute eyesore, desperately in need of care and attention.

We decided the job was too big and too important to try tackle ourselves so we brought in help via Max Nelson, Garden Design. Max listened to what ideas we had and what we would like for our garden, even asking what colours we preferred and checking how we would use the garden i.e. would we want it for more for entertaining, or relaxing in. Did we need an easy to manage type garden or were we avid gardeners who would thrive 'working out' in the garden etc. Max then went off with her thoughts promising to be back with us in a few days.

True to her word, Max came back with her interpretation of our requirements, then with a few adjustments we had a beautiful coloured, professional drawing of our garden worthy of framing.

Max worked in a very professional, methodical and organised manner, her plant knowledge is second to none. We were delighted with her approach, manner and attention to detail.

We followed this up with having the garden design implemented.

Max called round regularly throughout it's build to ensure the garden make over was going to plan and progressing well, she took pictures of the garden throughout all the stages so we have something to look back on.

Once we saw the garden completed we were absolutely delighted with it.

We have been married over 10 years and this is the first time we have ever come home from work and actually sat in the garden - some times for our evening meal, or enjoy reading outside, pottering in the garden and in the work sheds and on weekends enjoying just being there.

Nine months on we are still as pleased with the garden as ever. Noticing which flowers are about to blossom, seeing the plants starting to mature and spread. Every night when we get home it's a pleasure even in winter just walking around the garden noticing the changes - even noticing that we have a pair of Squirrels which seem to play everyday in our garden. We have a fox visit us from time to time and even a hedgehog apart from watching the birds feed in the various seed trays we have distributed throughout the garden.

We can honestly say that the pleasure we have already gained from our new garden has turned out to be the most worth while spend/investment that we could have had.

We have no hesitation in recommending Max Nelson to anyone wanting to improve their garden - it's in safe hands with Max.
Maureen & Rob Lloyd-Owen
As the owner of a fast growing business, I have come to value my leisure time very highly - there never seems to be enough of it. In that rare event referred to as 'summer' I want to be able to enjoy a nice glass of wine out in the garden, invite friends round, have a barbeque.

When I was first introduced to you, my garden was certainly in no state to promote relaxation and enjoyment. At that point I found it difficult to even imagine it becoming anything what would. But you have absolutely transformed it, so it already is more welcoming and relaxing.

We now have a 'blank canvas' on which to create my ideal garden. I know your creativity has you itching to get started, and you have plenty of ideas which meet my requirements and tastes. What you have done already has made a huge difference, I'm really looking forward to the next phase!

I'd be more than happy for you to use my garden as a case study, or to give me name as a reference for any other prospective clients in the future.
Nicola McDonald
I met Max about 8 years ago when we worked on a development programme. Max was very organised in arranging all of the leads and deputies of the programme. She had a keen passion for flowers and spent all her time in her garden.

I knew Max was on a University journey completing her BA Hons in Garden Art and Design and thus asked her to design my garden which was an overgrown jungle!

Max's design concept ensured movement in the garden and captured my love of blue hues and fulfilled my brief with seating area, water and colour.

The garden is now beginning to mature and looks lovely. Max's passion for her flowers and love of gardens shines through.

I have no hesitation in recommending Gardens by Max to my friends, family and acquaintances, be assured you will receive a lovely design for your garden.

Keep up the flower power Max!
Jan Freer
Maxine NELSON has been responsible for the creative development and management of our garden for the last 2 years. Maxine works in partnership with us in terms of input as well as making her own suggestions and ideas based on how she feels the garden will best suit our needs and lifestyle. In addition to the general garden maintenance, Maxine has implemented many positive changes to our garden and as a result it is much improved in design and year round colour. We had never had anyone to help with the garden before Maxine and wondered how we might feel letting someone else tend our flowers, beds and borders. We need not have worried, she is polite, respectful and professional and always considers our thoughts, views and opinions. We do not feel someone else has 'taken over' or that we have lost control of our garden, more appropriately we feel we now share with Maxine the ongoing tending of our garden. Judith Crummack
We would just like to let you know how pleased we are with our garden. It had become very neglected over the years. Following the hard work you put in, and the inspirational planting design it has now become a garden to be proud of.

We are looking forward to spending more time in it in the Summer and watch it grow and develop in the future.

Thank you once again for all your help.
Ruth and Alan Ziff
Back in 2007 you put together plans for a new stunning courtyard at the practice to celebrate the Courtyard's 2nd birthday. It included 4 Olive trees, bulbs and lavender, all chosen to reflect our brand's colour scheme. Nearly 3 years on it continues to pay dividends. Personally it gives me great enjoyment to walk into my place of work every morning and be greeted by such an attractive frontage.

From a business point of view it is the best first impression I could give to new clients. Given that the design and feel of my practice is all about creating a calming and relaxed environment, the stunning courtyard area is the best way to show clients how different we are from other dental practices. In terms of value for money it is the investment that keeps on giving and I would encourage anyone to invest in adding a little greenery to their home or business.
Marcos White, The Courtyard Dental Practice.
We would like to thank you for transforming our front garden! We love the new look you have created and the low maintenance nature of the design makes our lives so much easier. Friends and family have commented on the wonderful job you have done.

Your ideas have inspired us and your approach from consultation through to deliver was nothing but friendly, yet professional.

Once again thank you.
Mr & Mrs Thompson
As a designer myself I thought I could design our new garden. I had done it before, granted not on this scale. However, I had know idea of where to start as the plot was a huge 106m x 26m, a total of 2756 sq m and being in a conservation area had numerous planning restrictions.

I was very reluctant at first to appoint a garden designer, however by appointing Max Nelson I need not have worried. She was never daunted by the task in hand even when she visited the site, half of it was knee deep in mud.

Max took on board all of our ideas and even talked to our boys Jake and Finn to see what they wanted from the new garden. She then presented 3 concepts along with photographs, magazine cuttings and much much more, before drawing up a Masterplan the whole family were happy with.

Throughout the whole process, Max adhered to the conservation planning restrictions using only native trees, hedging, shrubs and flowers creating a natural haven for wildlife, with a wild flower meadow, organic vegetable garden, a living wigwam for the boys and hidden sanctuary's to relax in.

Nothing was too much trouble, and we would have no hesitation in recommending Garden Design by Max Nelson to anyone.
Richard and Michelle Lewis
I feel that I should indicate to you how impressed Marian and I have been with the professional manner in which you have dealt with our small project.

From our first meeting you gave us confidence by your knowledgeable and friendly approach. This is something coming from a Dentist! We are novices about garden design, but you allowed us to speak without intimidation or mockery, which I know is the correct method to achieve a working relationship.

Once those preliminary meetings were completed, the quality of your presentation was excellent, especially the visual material showing the layouts with graphics of examples of all the alternatives which greatly assisted we novices.

We are now awaiting the works to begin, totally satisfied with our Garden Designer.
Jack and Marian Cooke
This is just a quick letter to thank you for the finished garden design you have done for us. It looks fantastic - I love the brushes and textures you used, it's a work of art! We are very happy that all of the changes have been made to the plan and that you had addressed our concerns. You have definitely pulled together both of our desires into what promises to be a wonderful garden.

You have been an invaluable source of both inspiration and information throughout this whole process. Having a lovely garden is very important to me as it's something I've wanted all my life but never had.

Thank you for helping to make it a reality!
Iris Meyer
We had our garden designed by Max. The whole experience has been not just professional but good fun as well.

Initially Max came to see the garden and spent a lot of time getting to know what type of scheme we wanted and what type of plants we liked.

She then gave us designs to look at and we chose one. We discussed with her what we liked and made some modifications. Nothing was too much trouble.

Once the work started, she kept an eye on it and was in contact with the contractors. They got in touch with her if they had any queries.

We then spent a wonderful day choosing plants and another wonderful day planting. I wanted to be involved in this and Max was happy to have me tag along. I learned lots.

Max gave me the confidence to carry on and continue with the garden.

Through the whole project Max took photos and we now have a pictoral record of the making of our new garden.

We would not hesitate to recommend Max, she is friendly, good fun, a knowledgeable gardener and talented designer, flexible and very professional.
Christine Floyd-Smith & Stuart Smith
We contacted Max Nelson, Garden Designer, upon recommendation from a friend. We were delighted with the prompt, professional and friendly service we received. After an initial visit to the garden by Max, we discussed at length the options open to us and were then provided with a choice of several garden plans, covering hard landscaping and planting. We always felt we could contact Max with any queries we had regarding plant care, etc and never felt that anything was too much trouble to her. Joan and John Mitchell
I have been so looking forward to inviting you to see our lovely garden.

The garden is an absolutely marvellous transformation and a total credit to you. Every time I look out of the kitchen window I am filled with joy!! So many people have complemented 'us' (you) on the design. My favourite bits, aside from the view from the kitchen window, are the circular patio, the lollipops, the curved wall, the statement planters, the re-done lawn with the mowing edge, the holly tree... and the list goes on. It's lovely watching the new plants flourish in the borders obtaining more than builders' rubble and 2" of top soil.

You were right all along about having a double gate for the entrance and we realised that as soon as the fencing was finished, hence the delay, as we had to order another, with a 6 week delay. Rob has been busy varnishing the gates which should go on next weekend. Please feel free to pop round and take pictures any time. I would love to see you again for a guided tour and to thank you in person.
Catherine and Rob Kenneth
You transformed our garden and you were efficient always arriving on time, hard working and very knowledgeable. Our garden has never looked as good and has inspired me to do things in the garden. Mandy Brown
Daycentre users and the staff team at Roundhay Road Day Centre would like to thank you and the gardening group for all your hard work on the day centre garden. We think the garden is looking lovely and really colourful with the hanging baskets and all the new flowering and bedding plants. We are looking forward to seeing the tomatoes and runner beans that the gardening group have been growing. People at the daycentre feel the garden has had a new lease of life and will be well appreciated over the summer months. Good luck to you all in the gardening competition. Bridget Campbell
I am so pleased with my window boxes and patio round the back. What a difference you make to my garden, it looks so pretty! Cynthia Casterton
Thank you so much for all your hard work last week. It looks much better now and we can't wait until Spring! Dave, Aly, Isabel and Gemma xx
Lawn looking more like new, once the grass seed is put in it will be almost as good as it used to be a few year's ago.

See you when you come again.
Love Edna

BTEC National Award in Garden Design Presentation

On behalf of the students studying the BTEC National Award in Garden Design at Shipley College and myself, I would like to say a big thank you for the excellent talk you gave the group on Wednesday 31 January 2007.

Your knowledge, experience and photographs of designs carried out were very highly praised and you have the basis of several interesting discussions between the students.

I would also like to add that the design process described and the range and standard of the finished work have helped me by providing examples of good practice to the lesson and have given students a goal to which they can aspire.

Thank you once again Maxine for your time, effort and presentation skills which are very much appreciated both by me and the students.
Christine Routledge
I am writing to thank you for the great work you have done in our garden over the last 18 months. I have not had as much time as I would have liked to spend in the garden as I have focussed on growing a new business.

Taking the decision to book you to manage our garden maintenance has been fantastic. Our friends have commented that the garden has never looked so good! No matter what time of the year, you show it off to its best.

You provide a fantastic service and offer excellent value. The knowledge and expertise you provide us in making our garden look so beautiful is a credit to you.

I will continue to recommend you with confidence... but our friends and family can see for themselves the great results you can achieve.

We will definitely think of you over a chilled glass or two of something nice on a hot summer evening which we have been promised this year.

Thank you once again for our lovely garden.
I am writing to acknowledge the superb service that we have received from your company.

Caring about our customers is what makes our company stand out from the crowd and it is clear that Gardens by Maxine employs the same high standards.

From our first enquiry, with no real understanding of what we required, you made suggestions of what we needed and how to proceed, the result being a beautiful role and a very fragrant herb garden.

I am delighted to recommend Gardens by Maxine with complete confidence to any residential, business or organisation looking for a reliable and knowledgeable company.
Sue Berry
Thank you very much for the work you did on our garden.

It was much in need of some tlc and what looked to us like a couple of weeks work, you managed to do in one day!

As promised you arrived early (too early for us!) and promptly and got on with the job. In face, had you not stopped for a much needed cup of tea we wouldn't have even known you were even there.

The garden looked like something out a glossy magazine by the time you'd trimmed, pruned, dead-headed and mown. We were very surprised at how neat it all looked.

Of course, we'll never manage to keep it looking so immaculate and we were so pleased with your work we have commandeered you to do some more work for us in the future.

We would not hesitate to recommend you to friends and family.
Imran Khalid

The Adel and District Horticultural Society Presentation

On behalf of the Adel and District Horticultural Society, I would like to thank you very much for giving the Society such an interesting evening with your talk and slides illustrating how to liven up hanging baskets and containers. We were all amazed at the way in which you packed the plants and bulbs into quite a small container!

We will be inspired to make our gardens more exciting, and with the annual bulb planting season upon us, think again about the contents of our containers.
Suzanne Dalton

Cookridge Retirement Club

We all enjoyed your presentation this afternoon = it was first class, informative, amusing, great fun. Jean Gosling