Garden Design

Flower Arranging

Garden Designs by Maxine Nelson offers beautiful, unusual shrubs which will make thoughtful, lasting gifts for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day or any special occasion - choose something different!

To place your order please email or ring Maxine on 07855 824224. You can make arrangements with Max to deliver your gift locally.

  • Hand Tied Bouquet

    Hand-tied bouquet

    A cheerful hand tied bouquet of yellows, whites and greens all wrapped up in ruby tissue and cellophane.

  • Themed Flower Arrangment

    Themed arrangement

    Cool blues and whites using Roses with sprayed Birch and Leylandii provide an eye catching design.

  • Flowers Themed Design

    Phantom of the Opera

    A fun themed display for any special occasion

  • Mauve Flower Arrangement

    Mauve arrangement

    Attractive spring arrangement with Tulips, Eryngium and Dark Fatsia leaves.

  • Red and Green Flowers

    Reds n Greens

    Scarlet Poinsettias contrasting against red stemmed Cornus, Palms and Fatsia japonica. A cheerful display!.